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Top tips for generating more Google reviews

I’m always surprised at how few practices prioritise their google reviews given how huge an impact they can have on local search rankings and brand awareness. Google reviews are an easy and FREE way to boost your position in local search results and with more and more people searching for local businesses using Google maps, regularly collecting reviews is essential. It's also worth bearing in mind that Google doesn’t just count how many reviews you have, but the quality and frequency of those reviews too.

So, what are my top tips for generating more Google reviews?

  1. ASK! I know it might seem obvious but asking your patients for a Google review as they leave the surgery or you are walking them to/from the reception desk is so simple and you would be surprised at how many will not mind at all. I know it might seem awkward or slightly mortifying to ask for a review, so try the following line: "we are trying to boost local awareness of the practice at the moment and wondered if you wouldn't mind helping to spread the word by leaving us a quick Google review next time you have a few spare minutes?". This should work a dream, and I promise most patients will be delighted that you have asked.

  2. Put together an “end of treatment” email which links to your Google Business page and prompts your happy patients to leave a quick review (email me on or DM me on Instagram if you’d like my free email template).

  3. Better yet, and this is my TOP TIP, have a branded Google review business card made up with a QR code linking to your Google MyBusiness page for your patients to take away after they have visited you; this way they won’t forget and the process takes just a few seconds on a smartphone. See an example of a recent design below.

Branded Google review card design; £50+VAT

One of my own clients has gone from 22 to 60 reviews in just two months using these branded cards which make it so easy to leave a review in just a few seconds, plus patients love them!

If you would like a branded card making up, please send me an email at

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