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5 apps/sites you need to become a social media pro

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Creator Studio - Facebook/Instagram's own social media content management platform. Connects to your Facebook and Instagram accounts and allows you to schedule posts, track your performance and view your insights all in one super user-friendly place.

Later - Take your content management a step further by visually planning your posts to ensure your feed stays looking consistent and beautiful.

Canva - An amazing resource for designing beautiful social media content, with hundreds of free to use, customisable templates - upgrade for $7.99pm to add your brand colours and fonts, release more editing functionality and access hundreds of thousands of Stock images.

Unsplash - Really beautiful and completely free to use images from photographers and creators around the world. Bonus: they don't look like your everyday Stock images.

Hashtag Expert - Generates popular and personalised hash tags to use in your Instagram captions. Enter a 'base' hash tag and the app generates 29 more which you can easily copy and paste.

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