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Looking to grow your Instagram audience?

Only gained 2 new followers this month? Wondering why your posts get so few likes in comparison to your following?

Effectively managing and growing your social media channels isn't just about how much you post. Your content needs to be purposeful (showing your customers what you offer and why it is useful to them); beautifully curated (please no more smiling teeth holding toothbrushes); scheduled for the right time of the day.

Ever notice that when you like a post from a particular account, you seem to see more of them and more content like it? That’s because Instagram's algorithm keeps tabs on what you engage with, and then predicts that’s the content you care about. That means that if your posts don't interest your followers - and they don't engage (like, comment, share, save) - they're less likely to see them in the future.

Instagram has strict algorithms in place and if you post once a month, don't engage with your followers, and never check your account, they'll penalise you with less reach and therefore less engagement. Some tips: respond to EVERY comment you receive on a post (this is super important); engage with your followers - like, comment on and share their posts; respond to incoming DMs quickly; use hashtags which your ideal audience are likely to follow (don't forget local hashtags); and please, make your content beautiful so it stops your followers scrolling.

If you don't have time to focus on all of the above but desperately want to grow your audience, delegate!

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